vrijdag 30 januari 2015

giveaway - win an original Deef lamp!

inspired by my new DEEF lamp and some colour samples on 
the wall I really had some sylingfun this week... 
love the new look in my bedroom
with the pink softtones and the beautiful contrast 
between the white- and greyshades 

a little while ago I received a mail from DEEF Lighting to introduce themselves 
 and to ask me if I was interested in a collabaration. 
To introduce their beautiful online shop and the stunning unique modern
vintage-look designed lamps in Holland, Evelien is offering this amazing "Deef giveaway"
where you have a choice between two different products!

Do you all know DEEF Lighting? 
Evelien Florijn (student at the technical university of Eindhoven) is the owner
of this new dutch online-shop where you can find the most beautiful custom-made
lights. At DEEF Lighting you can create your own unique lamp with a choice of
several vintage Edison light bulbs, a retro or modern fitting and different cord colors. 
Together with her partner Davy, Evelien assembles all items to a stylish "old-fashioned"
 looking lamp and I think they really look amazing...
On their website you can find all about the story behind  the start of
 the webshop and how to design your own Deef!

What can you win?
* a beautiful handmade "static" or a "creative" Deef lamp
entirely composed by yourself 
(including a carbon filament Edison lamp, fitting and stylish textile cord/plug)

This is how to join in:
* like DEEF Lighting on facebook 
*  leave a message in this post to let us know which configuration you would like to win

this giveaway is only available for our readers who live in the Netherlands...  sorry!
and closes next week (8/2/15) 

Good luck and have a happy weekend!

woensdag 28 januari 2015

a diy - design student home

clothes racks of pipes purchased at a local plumber, 
an old painter ladder found in the attic of a grandmother
flea market finds, diy solutions 
but also beautiful classic- and modern design pieces
all decorated in a strict color scheme

this amazing student home in Aarhus - Denmark -  really made me smile
see more here and be inspired

dinsdag 27 januari 2015

botanic storage

so so beautiful...
these furniture and homeware items
created by danish designer Kristina Dam
and just launched and presented 
at the Danish design event Northmodern

really fell for this wooden storage desk
 that hides a compartment for a plant pot when you slice the top 
but also perfect to store your magazines and other accessories inside

see more at the very inspiring 
press images and  SS15 catalogue here

vrijdag 23 januari 2015


black, white, wood and a touch of colour

love the stunning atmosphere in this small industrial loft apartment
 at a former piano factory in Stockholm
especially the spacious kitchen with its beautiful large windows
is very inviting to organize some great dinner parties..
perfect to start the weekend...
wish you all a wonderful one!

see more of this apartment here

donderdag 22 januari 2015

a touch of nature

love her pictures and love her styling
gorgeous and wonderful 
always with a touch of nature
as a soft contrast to the hard material as she says

when I am looking for some inspiration
I just visit the beautiful blog, IG account or portfolio 
of talented Daniella Witte

woensdag 21 januari 2015

soft and simple

photos elvs

today some snapshots of last weekend
when I was enjoying a rainy day inside
with lot's of inspiring magazines
and a nice coffee
while listening to my favourite music 
and making some photos with my new camera
of these beautiful softones on my table
love the simple...
have a great Wednesday!

dinsdag 20 januari 2015


three variants:  rectangular, oval and round
beautiful clean lines, classic aesthetics and geometric shapes
and accessories in beautiful dark shades

Menu has presented the new Snaregade Tables 
designed by Norm Architects (SS2015 collection)
and I love it...