friday projects

At rainy greyish afternoons like today
a simple and stylish DIY project, some good music and beautiful 
accessories really make me smile... 

A little while ago (see here)  I told you about a quick and stylish decoration idea 
by creating some splashed (Easter) eggs. 
When I did some shopping this week I bought some pingpong balls and thought it
would be fun to do some splashing and ink painting again and to create some 
simple new styling accessories for my home! 

The opportunity came this afternoon, it was raining and
 at the same time it was a perfect moment to test my new night cable from
 Native union and to enjoy the latest summer hits while I was painting!
The cable was just perfect... it's 3 meters long and looks very stylish...
 I wasn't familiar with the products of Native Union but the quality and the looks are 
definately very attractive and a perfect styling partner
 to photograph todays little DIY project ;-)
The simple can be so beautiful... Wish you all a Happy Weekend!


creativity + love

An apartment bathed in light with windows in two directions, 
located in a unique factory building in industrial design from the early 1900s
filled with stunning still lifes, artwork and beautiful original details
 in natural and warm monochrome tones...

This small creative home inspired me from the very first moment that I 
saw it at Entrance and I hope this will happen to you too!


ceramic love - trunk vase and stump mug

beautiful unique pieces, 
pure and raw, 
made by hand in a very small scale...

Oh how I fell in love with these beautiful ceramics designed
 by Jinjin a Japanese ceramic artist when I visited the inspiring blog of 
Sonja Maria Rettensteiner a while ago and read her story about 
her discovery of this talented street artist in Paris. 

It's so great when talented people work together and 
create an amazing and inspiring story...
Definately on my wishlist: Trunk vase and stump mug
read all about the story here and be inspired!
                                                                                           styling:  Josefin Hååg   photos:  Emily Laye


monochrome harmony

let's start the weekend with this gorgeous appartement 
styled by team Sarah Widman for Alvhem

the amazing harmonious atmosphere at this apartment created by
 the mix of monochrome details (love the stunning stilllife on the shelf),  
natural tones and some cosy fresh green accents really made me smile :) 

Perfect weekend inspiration... Wish you all a happy one!


stylinglove - Lotta Agaton for Swoon

love her amazing styling
love her inspiring new work
 (AW2016/2017)  for Swedish bathroom 

just perfect...

In september Swoon will launch two new series bathroom furniture ( designed by Fredrik Wallner) 
that provides even more possibilities to create a personal style in the bathroom, just like in the rest of 
the home. Swoon want to transform the bathroom to every ones favourite room.
read all about it here

                                                                                                                                                 photos:  Kristofer Johnsson 


Workspacelove - Emmie Bjernvinge

This weekend I was really inspired by the beautiful 
creative workspace of Emmie Bjernvinge.
Emmie has a very inspiring instagramfeed and I also have admired 
some of her styling work before when she was working
 as the assistant of stylist Pella Hedeby.

but very stylish home and I really like her very creative decoration ideas. 
The wall of the workspace area filled with (personal) photos, accessories and art, 
 is a real eyecatcher and just perfect to start this whole new week...
Wish you all a great one!

                                                                                                                        photos:  Alicia Sjöström

The Copenhagen cityguide - Cereal

Cereal Magazine has celebrated the launch of their Copenhagen Guidebook
 in Muuto´s stunning showroom about two weeks ago and I can't stop looking 
at these inspiring photos. You might have seen them at other blogs but
I think they're to beautiful not to be shared on my blog... 

The Cereal guidebooks were showcased surrounded by a selection of
 Muuto furniture and products and a few fine art prints featuring photos
 from the guide were mounted on walls of the showroom that I really would 
love to admire before visiting all these selected favourite places 
that we can find in the cityguide... 

definitely on my wishlist... see more of the guide here!